Chistmas Holiday Home and Cellphone Security Tips

We know it’s a really busy time of year, with a rush to get through work projects, ticking off Christmas shopping lists and of course the fun festivities of Christmas parties and celebrations!  So we will keep this one brief with some useful tips to keep your possessions safe going into the summer holiday period!



We rely on our cell phones so much these days it would feel like a limb has been cut off if we lose it.  Recently we have had a few people in the unfortunate circumstance to lose or damage their phone.  Fortunately the AMP team are extremely quick to turn around these claims and understand the importance of keeping you moving and providing top service in the process. 


To assist at your end save your phones IM number (much like a phone serial number)

To get this number off your mobile phone click  * # 06 #. 

And save this number somewhere away from your phone!



Do you have your personal affairs and house possessions in order so you can go away these holidays with a calm clear head space? 


Please do contact us if you want to make sure you have your contents insured to their full value and if you have items to specify (valued at over $3,000) that you would like to specify before you head away. (The checklist attached is very helpful for identifying all the items you need to include.)


Simple steps to checkoff before leaving home for your holidays…

  • Stop or forward mail, newspaper and other deliveries, or ask a neighbour to clear your mailbox.
  • Review bill payment schedules and arrange for pre-payments for utilities, rent or mortgage, phone, etc. This avoids utility shut-offs, late fees and credit damage.
  • Contact credit card companies and inform them of travel plans, especially if travelling to exotic destinations. Advise of possible unusual charging or more frequent spending from various locations. Arrange for prepaying minimum payment amounts to avoid late payment charges.
  • Arrange for lawn mowing and watering while gone to avoid calling attention to an unattended house, and you come back to a well maintained property!
  • Do not hide things - house key under the mat, etc. Put jewellery and other valuables in safety deposit box.
  • If travelling by car, have your car thoroughly serviced and the Tyres checked.

Walk out the door and into summer holidays with a clear head space!!



We are available in the office up until 23th December and return Monday 11th January 2015.

  • If there is anything you urgently require both Darryl Phipps (027 4324 267) and Simon Yarrell (021 935 936) will be available over the break remotely on their cell phones.
  • AMP / Vero General Insurance Claims 0508 806244 (extension 1 claims)


There is a ton of resources available at our fantastic website so if you haven’t already, check it out!


Should you have any queries, or if there is anything else we can assist with, please just let us know.



We wish you all happy, healthy, prosperous times

Warm Regards

The Axico Team

Darryl, Simon, Robyn, Steph & Lisa