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General Insurance - new benefit: Free additions  to your house insurance
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General Insurance

New benefit: Sum Extra! A free (and important) addition to your house insurance.

Please note:This is not an automatic addition to your policy.  

Have you had issues associated with calculating an accurate re-build cost estimate for insurance purposes? Cordell calculator  

With the move away from the largely “opened ended” insurance regime we previously enjoyed the responsibility to be correctly insured now sits on the shoulders of the home owner. This can be difficult to get right because in New Zealand we have a diverse housing stock and shifting building costs. To help you the AMP / Vero team have put together what they believe to be the most extensive benefit of its type currently available to New Zealand homeowners.  

What you get: 

Sum-Extra provides a built in 10% extra cover buffer that kicks in when the repair or rebuild costs exceed the sum Insured amount in the event of a natural disaster. Or, when the cause of loss is other than natural disaster then the full repair or replacement cost will be met with no upper limit. 

  • Almost all AMP policy holders can take advantage of SumExtra no matter where they live.
  • If you aren’t already a policy holder and would like to take advantage of this offer let us know and we can assist you in applying for this cover.
  • The extra cover is widespread, not limited to a specific type of loss.
  • If you qualify and suffer a loss AMP Vero pay- it’s that simple.
  • This gives New Zealander’s greater certainty when insuring one of their most valuable assets – their home.  

Want more information about SumExtra? 

Go to or call us.  

The 3 easy steps below to implement:    

  1. Go on to the Cordell sum insured calculator
  2. Keep a copy of your Cordell sum insured detail in a safe place for your records.
  3. Let us know your new sum insured  as per Cordell calculator and at your request we will update your policy to this amount. Email us a copy of your outcome and we’ll keep this on file too. This must be done every 3 years.   

You may also get a registered valuation done for insurance purposes or obtain a rebuild cost from a qualified building professional and provide this information.

If you do not already have your home insurance with us, give us a call or email and we can step you through the new business process complete with SumExtra. 

 If you do not update your policy to at least the sum insured stated on your Cordell calculator the SumExtra benefit will not apply.  

At claim time you must be able to provide copy of sum insured and it must be less than 3 years old.  

But wait! There’s more: Did you know…  

Bank account changes:

If you have changed your bank account details you can now call our ampvero team direct and have your details updated over the phone. 

Free phone 0508267271  

Rental property: 

Malicious damage by tenants is not covered under your homeplan even if you have a landlords extension. 

If this is something you require a landlord plan policy would need to be set up. As at March 2015 It only costs $275.80 per year (an extra $5.30 per week)  

Flood excesses reduced: 

The general approach is that these are aligned to your standard excess for the first flood claim. Claims thereafter have a tiered approach to flood excesses. Call us if you want to discuss your property and excess.  

Buy more and save: 

When you buy more than one product eg home and contents you may qualify for a package discount.  

Stay with us and save: 

When you renew your AMP homeplan you will be entitled to a loyalty discount. 


A dedicated claims team is available 8am to 5pm Monday – Friday, and an after hours service is available to help you with your claim should you need it.  

If we haven’t caught up with you yet and you would like a review please Contact us to book a time.


Certainty of Outcome – Kind regards From the Axico team!