Insurance Reminder after Sundays 14 February 2016 Christchurch Event

We hope this finds you, your family, friends, homes, pets and businesses all well after yesterday's shake up.  Your house insurance:  We know we don't need a reminder that we live on Shaky Isles and many of you have already taken advantage of the free AMP Vero SumExtra upgrade.

This provides you with full repair or replacement and up to an extra 10% for natural disasters for your home, if a valuation is completed.

But if you haven't done this and a reminder is welcomed, to ensure these Insurances are in order, go to or call us 03 3432211.


What do I do?


See the 3 easy steps below to implement:  

  1. Go on to the Cordell sum insured calculator
  2. Keep a copy of your Cordell sum insured detail in a safe      place for your records on the amount you are choosing to insure for
  3. Email us the pdf and instruct us of the sum insured amount      you are requiring, and at your request we will update your policy to      this amount.

      This must be done every 3 years.


This doesn't seem accurate enough?


You may also get a registered valuation done for insurance purposes or obtain a rebuild cost from a qualified building professional and provide this information.


If you do not already have your home insurance with us, give us a call or email us on and we can step you through the new business process complete with SumExtra.


If you do not update your policy to at least the sum insured stated on your Cordell calculator the SumExtra benefit will not apply.


What if I have a claim to make?


You have 3 months from the date of the event to make a claim:

If it is an earthquake contents claim less than $20,000 +GST, or a house claim up to $100,000 +GST Contact EQC 0800 326 243

If it is a driveway, paths, fences claim and you are insured with us contact us or AMP Vero direct on 0508806244.


If your insurance is with AMP Vero:


1. AMP will manage all of your property claims regardless of whether they are under or over the EQC cap so it is important that you lodge your claim with AMP and the EQC.

2. If a property has existing damage and is not yet finalised, and has incurred new damage, then a new claim should be lodged with AMP and the EQC. If you have concerns  contact your Project Manager, Case Manager or Claims Handler.

3. If your property is under repair or construction AMP will be onsite to inspect that property within the next 72 hours to assess any damage.

Practical tips:

Personal safety first

If you have damage to your property or possessions ensure that you and the people around you are safe. Please take care with naked flames (if the power is out), broken items, any items that could fall and electric or gas hazards.

Secure your property

If your home or business has been damaged do whatever needs to be done to secure the premises. Don’t worry how this will affect your insurance claim.

Take photographs

This will help us assess and resolve your claim more quickly.

Lodge your claim

Contact us and the EQC at your first opportunity. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can help you. Our local claims team are on the ground in Canterbury and are ready to help.

AMP Natural Disaster Line: 0508 806 244 or you can email           

EQC Claims Lodgement: 0800 326 243


Should you have any queries on this, or if there is anything else we can assist with, please just let us know.

Kind Regards the Axico team

Darryl, Simon, Robyn, Steph, Lisa & Jenny