We’ve rebranded from G5 Financial

Like all Cantabrians, life changed for us on September 4, 2010 (and that was only the beginning!). We’ve all been through a lot since then and we have seen massive change in just about every area of our lives. The insurance and financial services industry has been no exception.

Now that life has returned to about as normal as it’s likely to for the forseeable future, we have decided to instigate some big changes within our business. We have reviewed what we do, how we do it, employed extra staff and bought in additional resources. The most obvious and overt change is that we have also rebranded from G5 Financial Services Ltd to Axico Ltd.

Axico is a word that we have created so we figured we could create our own meanings for it as well – You can read the definition in the bottom part of the home page. Cool eh?