About Us

We're a team who believe that you can't plan for your future insurance, savings or well being by plugging your information into a web page and seeing what gets spat out at the other end.

Because we take you through a personalised process, we can deliver the best solution for your individual requirements. And because we know you, we will be there to help you through the claim process – we know the industry, and the lingo, and how to get the best resolution for you. We're accredited and backed by the big guys, but you are our client, not the insurer.

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Meet the Team

It’s important that you know the people behind the business, just as we get to know you.

The Axico team have a long history working in the insurance, investment and mortgage industry. We also pride ourselves in having outside interests, and life experience, putting them in a better position to advise you than an online insurance quiz!


Simon Yarrell

Axico Advisor

Simon has quite the pedigree, his Dad was a successful Adviser for 40 years so it's in the blood. Simon's inner strength and resilience have been honed with many years competing in the Coast to Coast multi-sport event (he has won both the two day individual and two day team’s events) and the Taupo Iron Man.

In more recent years a true appreciation of the importance of our profession became apparent in a very personal way when he broke his back in a ski accident. Although Simon miraculously made a full recovery he was off work for seven months and in that time developed an intimate knowledge of the workings of ACC and first hand experience of the importance of robust personal income protection and mortgage payment insurance.


Steph Spain

Axico Advisor

Steph enjoys being the in-house advisor for Axico’s clients and is extremely deft at handling or coordinating your queries, both over the phone or via email. This is in part due to her having worked within the insurance industry for almost five years now. Within the last two years of her work with Axico she has become an AMP advisor and therefore has added experience to offer quality advice.


Emily Spain

Client and Advisor Support Services


Jillian Zweig

Client and Advisor Support Services


Pieta Yarrell

Client and Advisor Support Services