Service | sur-vis
noun. an act of helpful activity; help; aid: to do someone a service.
verb. to supply with information.
adjective. of service; useful

Financial advice is one of the most glossed over, but important aspects to modern day living. We often don’t understand what we’re covered for, how we’re protected, or what we’ve invested in.

Savings used to be a tangible thing – we knew how much food we had stored, how much gold we had locked up, and whether we had enough to upgrade to a bigger house. Risks were also more tangible, able to be measured, managed and avoided. Modern life is inherently complicated and so the options and solutions to manage risk are now also complicated, but need to be if they are to be effective.

Now our savings and risk management plans are viewed in the form of a document. The trouble is they can easily just gather dust in the cupboard, and become increasingly relevant as our ever changing life renders them out of date very quickly.

Our vision is to ensure that our clients know exactly what is covered, what they can afford, and what they have invested in at any time. Most importantly, they know where to go to when they get injured, sick or just want to be assured that their assets are safe.