Protecting your business

Business insurance can be a tricky, err, well, business. There is more to insuring a company than just bricks and mortar. We will help you weigh up exactly how much risk is involved for your situation should something happen to you, your plant and stock, or someone who enters your premises.

We've broken these down to three key areas:

1. If a big event happens and you can't open your doors to trade

This includes loss of profits if you can't trade. Having to move locations if your building is no longer safe. The insurance trade calls these things:

  • Business interruption
  • Material damage
  • Liability
  • Fire and general

2. If you, or a key person can't work

If something happened to you, as the owner of the business, do you have anyone else that can ensure that your business will still bring in new work, or even continue to run with the existing level of work? If not, then you will need to look and cover for death, illness and injury insurance for the business (separate to the type of insurance that would cover your personal income). Or otherwise known as:

  • Key person insurance
  • Share purchase insurance

Or if you want to help ensure your staff's wellbeing, you can also offer:

3. If you give someone advice, they take it, and it goes wrong

If you're in the business of dishing out advice, and if something bad happens to your client's business because of that advice, or even if the advice was sound, but only half communicated, then they might come looking to you for reparation. We can let you know if you need the following insurance (and to what level you might need to cover yourself for):

  • Professional indemnity insurance

Of course we've only scratched the surface, so please contact us for a talk about your business and its requirements.